Step By Step Guide on “How to Refinish Wood Kitchen Cabinets”

-If you’re planning on refinishing your own kitchen cabinets, and you’re looking for guidance, look no further. My step by step guide on how to refinish wood kitchen cabinets will take you through the whole process in an easy to understand concise manner that is jam packed with trade secrets.
-Refinishing kitchen cabinets is a large job. Learn from my mistakes. Benefit from my experience. I refinish kitchen cabinets and furniture for a living.
-I will tell to you

1 – What is the best stripper to use on your Kitchen Cabinets

(All strippers are not the same)

2 – How to prep your kitchen cabinets for stripping/finishing.

(This is without doubt the most critical step in Refinishing, and where most people go wrong.)

3 – The right tools to use.

Using the wrong tools could do more damage then good.

4 – The right way to remove the finish.

Choosing the wrong way would cause many problems.

5 – How to tell if you have removed all the finish from your kitchen cabinets.

(Don’t trust your eyes.) ( I will reveal to you the technique that I use that will guarantee that all the finish has been removed) ( This technique is FOOL PROOF )

6 – The best finish product to use.

( There are many finishes available. BUT some of them should not be used on Kitchen Cabinets.)

7 – The correct way to apply the finish.

( It doesn’t matter if your brushing on your finish or spraying the finish on. There are proper procedures that you must follow or your end results will suffer. The techniques I teach cover both brush and spraying procedures.)

8 – How to avoid making a mess.

( This section covers important steps to follow to keep the job going smoothly )

9 – How to choose the right brush for both stripping/finishing.

( Recommendations & Tips to insure you excellent end results )

10 – Picking the right condition.

( This covers work conditions,Temperture,Humidity,Lighting,Safty,etc.)

11 – How to insure a smooth finish.

( I’ll tell you the techniques I use to achieve a glass smooth finish.)

12 – Choose the right sandpaper.

( It does make a difference)

13 – The tips, techniques, and procedures that took me many years of trial and error to perfect.

( In my guide to Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets, I don’t hold nothing back. You get it all.)

14 – Step by step instructions and rules that I use to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets.

( Just follow them and you won’t go wrong.)

15 – Fish Eyes – What they are and how to deal with them.

(Fish Eyes can be a real pain. You will learn how I deal with them.)

16 – Antiquing.

( Instructions on how to Antique your Kitchen Cabinets)

17 – Repairing Drawers.

( Instructions on how to fix broken drawers)

18 – ( The very first thing you should do before stripping. ) This is one of the most important steps in Refinishing any piece of furniture, especially Kitchen Cabinets…

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