How To Re-Glue Chairs

If you  have ever tried to reglue a chair only to have it loosen up on you, then you already know that it can be very frustration.

My guide on how to repair glued chairs will insure that you get it right the first time.

Regluing chairs is a little more involved  then just applying glue to a loose joint.

I’ll reveal to you the tricks of the trades, that I have developed over the years that will guarantee you success.

With my guide on how to repair glued chairs you will  learn

1 – The correct disassembly and assembly techniques.

If you don’t follow these guide lines your going to run into problems, right from the start.

2 – The right glues to use.

All glues are not the same.

3 – How and What to use to clean your joints.

If your joints are not clean, they will loosen up.

4 – How to insure  perfect fitting joints.

Your joints have to fit properly.

5 – How and What to use to pack your joints.

You’ll learn when to use this technique

6 – How and when to clean excess glue build up.

There is a right time

7 – Proper work table to use.

This is a matter of choice, but I’ll tell you what I use.

8 – The proper clamps to use.

There are different clamps for different applications.

9 – How and What to use to lock your joints.

Locking your joints insure that they will not loosen up.

10 – How and what to use to mark your joints.

I’ll show you the method that I use.

11 – When to use hot glue

It has it’s special purpose.

12 – How to insure the correct clamp pressure.

Very important.

13 – Leg brackets!  

What are they. 

Where to get them and How to install them.

14 – How and What to use to touch up glue lines.

I’ll tell you what I found that works best.

15 – When-Where-How to use screws or bolts.

They have their special purpose, but sometimes over used.

How much will save by regluing your own chair ?

Most shops will charge $20.00 and up $150.00 just to reglue one chair depending on how much work is involved and the location you are in.

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