How much does my Furniture Repair guides cost?

For a limited time you can get them all for only $69.95

But you must act fast, the price will increase without warning.

This is a special limited time offer only.

I don’t usually sell my Furniture Repair guides in groups.

Why should you buy my guide on furniture repair ?

Just take an other look at what it contains !!!

You will be receiving 40 problem solving guides on Furniture Repair, all in one package.

Each guide sells for $10.00 up to $29.95 if sold separately.

Through this special offer, you will be paying about $2.00 per guide.

For only $69.95 you would not only save money by repairing your own furniture, but you would have the knowledge and confidence to start your own furniture repair business.

At this price, I am only allowing 100 sales. As soon as my quota is reached, the offer will terminate, and resort back to the regular price of $ 169.95

Once you receive your guides on Furniture Repairs, if you need questions answered ….

I’ll be right here, ready to answer them…

Please Note: that I may also decide to break down the guides into smaller groups at any time, without warning…..

Read what some of my customers have to say

Dear Phil, Just got done re-gluing my 6 chairs following the instructions in your how to repair furniture guide. I want to tell you that your  guides sure helped me out of a mess. I didn’t have any idea how to start Your instructions on how to make a scarf joint solved a big problem. I was ready to through the chairs away.. Thanks, Rick
Hey doc. Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I just got done sending the e mail, and there was your reply. I must of caught you just right. I didn’t really expect you to answer THAT fast. Thanks to you, My Furniture Repair Business is going very well. Thanks, Jane & Bill
Dear Furniture Doctor, I told all my friends about your guides on how to repair furniture. I couldn’t believe some of them spent all that money to have their chairs caned and glued. Now I am starting to get jobs from my small classified ad.. Thanks You The extra money sure helps out. Regards, Kathy
Hi Phil, I got me some web clamps like you suggested and they did the job. Now I use them on all my furniture repair projects. June
Hi Dear,  Thank You. I didn’t have any problem following your instructions on how to repair furniture. Living on a fixed income your guides saved me a lot of money. I find rushing chairs very relaxing. Now my husband wants to learn how I do it. Thanks for being there. Warm Regards, Ruth
Dear Phil,  Your tip on removing broken dowels was so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. It sure saved me a lot of work !  I used your tip to repair my friends couch frame. It had 8 broken dowels. I made $175.00 from that job, and the best part is that I really enjoyed doing it. Just one week after getting your how to repair furniture guides I got three jobs lined up. Thanks,Tom
Hi Phil, Got your guide on how to repair furniture last week. Your Refinishers Diary answered a lot of questions. I especially liked your rules that you use to repair & refinish furniture. It has given me the confidence to tackle any job. I will highly recommend your guides. Regards, Maurice

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